About me

A L I C I A • A L A R C O N

Hello My name is Alicia Alarcon and I am one of the Founders of G O D F I D E N C E G I R L S . I am truly blessed to be working along side with my best friend Esli Bravo. It’s truly a dream come true in connecting with different types of girls in our community.
A little background on me is that I am originally from Boulder Colorado. I was a girl who didn’t grow up with her parents and was from home to home. I truly look back now and thank God for the privilege he has given me in working hard and being who I am today. I used to compare myself with everyone and I never felt good enough but the Lord has truly changed me into a strong woman. I can actually say now that I love who I am and who I will become. It’s ok to not have a perfect life because we are human. We have to just learn to love ourselves and every time we fail we have to learn to get back up take the dust off and move forward.
But I’m truly honored to have this opportunity and I look forward in meeting you and listening to your story.
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