Golden Field Illustrations

Minimal. Personal. Memorable.

Turning you and your pets into art. Have a adorable pup and want a keepsake? A vision for a logo or graphic idea? Need a new profile picture? Let’s talk.

Locally Manitoba made in the prairie.

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Meet the maker

Hey, hi, hello! I’m Laura

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Laura and I am the maker behind your portraits. I’ve always loved to draw and one day said to myself “I’m going to try and draw Finley” (my adorable shepherd/retriever pup) and long story short that spiralled into where we are today. While my portraits are minimal in nature I love that I can still capture the character of you or your loved ones.

So why golden field? They’re all I’ve ever known. I grew up on a farm, and still work in agriculture today. I wanted to pay homage to my roots and the views I’ve loved my whole life.

I thrive being outside exploring local hikes or in the kayak at the lake near our family farm. I am also the resident plant lady of my friend group (seriously I want my house to be a jungle). Goldfish crackers and a glass of wine are a sure fire way to my heart.

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What we do

Take a peak at some of our illustration options

A quick rundown of the options I can work with you on! Have an idea for a project but don’t see an option here? Let’s talk and see what we can create

Pet headshot

We all admittedly have an Instagram for our dogs now - so why not spice it up? Pup headshots are perfect for a post or a profile picture

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Minimalist portrait

The perfect keepsake of you and your loved ones whether they have paws or not. While minimal in detail still capturing your character.

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Logos and other graphics

I also offer logo design for the new small biz venture and other graphics. Have an idea? Let’s chat


Interested in merch? Send me a message to see what kind of pre orders I have on the go, merch I’ve collaborated with makers on or what stickers are available!