Little Wolf, Big City

Bellamy is a purebred cream colored shiba inu living his best life in NYC. He has copper colored ear tips and a birthmark on his snout that makes his nose half pink.

He is adventurous, curious, and extremely playful. He has no fears and will show you how to be brave and bold. Bellamy is a sweetheart who loves to explore Central Park, snuggle and climb up to the highest point he can find so he can see the world he thinks he owns.

Join us on our adventures in the big city and beyond! 🐾


painted resin tags

Bellamy is a model for Swampspills tags. Each tag is 100% unique and durable. They are coated in a protective layer of resin, ensuring they are water proof, mud proof, and adventure proof!

Your pet’s name is placed on the tag in vinyl, and you can have a phone number placed on the back. There are many options to customize font and colors, or for a fun surprise, get a mystery tag.

Use code BELLAMY to save.

Link and Lark

Collars and Leads

Bellamy is a model for Link and Lark, sustainable collar and lead products. Their products are made from the leather of free-roaming reindeer that are nurtured by the indigenous Sami people who have been doing so for centuries.

The materials are eco-friendly including wool and recycled polyester and the leather tanned using using natural substances from the plant kingdom. The design is minimal and modern with a nod to the earth from which the materials came from.

Use code FRIENDOFBELLAMY to save.

Portfolio —

Bellamy is a natural in front of the camera and many of our shots are organically taken in the moment during our walks, playtime and adventures. We would love to work with you!

We love to support brands that focus on sustainability, have a minimalistic modern design and an outdoorsy vibe. We carefully consider roles for modeling, product testing, and creative consulting.

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