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Denise Thibodeau, Epicure Global Director

I am so glad you are here! I'm Denise Thibodeau, a Global Director with Epicure since 2005. Discovering EPICURE has been such a blessing to our family. There are times in your life when your life hits rock bottom... and that's usually when the biggest blessings appear! I needed to get my health on track and I discovered I needed to clean up my diet. I was sick was because I had food intolerances to food additives, preservatives, and MSG the food industries use to manufacture their products.
As I was looking to cook differently I discovered Epicure, a company dedicated to manufacturing spice blends with clean ingredients. They promised to have only whole food ingredients that you could read all the ingredients on the label. They proved to me that delicious, clean eating was possible, and it was even super fast to make. I fell in love at first bite.

At first, I become an Epicure consultant because I wanted all the blends, but then I realized if I was cooking for my family I could make this a business that benefited us more than with healthy eating. I wanted to start my own home base business so I could be home with my kids. I wanted a flexible schedule where I was the boss and I could cut out the long commutes. I was a little nervous about starting this adventure but now 16 years later I have had a blessed life. Joining Epicure has allowed me the privilege of being home to raise my now two adult kids, retire my husband at 56, and travel the world. I have the privilege of support and training 1000’s and my 6-digit income has allowed me the freedom to be CEO of my life because I said yes to a company I love. I love good food and I love our mission to de-myth the fact that cooking good food is too difficult to do. I will absolutely prove that is wrong!

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust using Epicure

Bacon Pizza with Epicure

Fruit for smoothies with our Epicure sheet pan

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