~ { me and adam } ~

Adam slowly comes up to me with his best friend. "Hey, Lucja." he said. I went really red. He finally spoke to me! "Oh- hey!β€œ I’ve never been this happy before. He passed me a note and I wondered what it was. On the note, it said: β€œI like you, wanna uh- fuck in the bathroom after lunch?" After he gave me it, he ran away hiding his sexy face. I went even more red, as red as a tomato, hiding my wide smile.

After lunch ended, I rushed to the bathroom but I saw no one there. A door opened and a hand pulled me into one of the stalls. "H-HEY WHO ARE-" "Shh, darling. I'm not trying to be scary ;)." It was just adam. He kissed me while slowly taking my clothes off. I covered myself because I was shy as it was my first time experiencing this. "Don't be scared, your body is beautiful." he complimented me. "This is my first time, please be careful.." I said. I was worried it would hurt alot. He rubbed my pussy slowly and put the tip of his dick in. It didn't even hurt. He forced his whole 12 inch dick in to the end of his balls. "Does it hurt?" "Not at all" I replied. He slowly went in-and-out, making his dick warm up inside of me. "Gosh, you're so tight." He said, in a horny-like voice. I begged for him to go faster and he did, as fast and hard as he could. He covered my mouth and made sure no one would hear me, if i moaned loud he would go even faster.

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~ Part 2 ~

me & adam part 2 πŸ¦‹

𝟸𝟢 πš–πš’πš—πšžπšπšŽπšœ πš•πšŠπšπšŽπš› βžͺ


I let out a quite loud moan while Adam was fucking me fast and hard. β€œMMMMHHβ€œ I moaned. I completely forgot what he said. β€œIf you moan loudly again, I’ll go faster.β€œ Oh god. It was too late. Adam went faster than earlier. I couldn’t handle it! I kept moaning and he kept going faster and faster. My legs shook unbelievably hard from all the orgasms. He finally came inside me and we made out. I looked deeply into his eyes while he was realising his seed into my tight pussy and kissing me. "I love you." I said. "I love you too, baby." He replied. Then, we heard a teacher come inside. "WHO IS IN HERE, TRYING TO SKIP LESSONS?" We were fucked up. We quickly looked and stared at each other in fear. "Quick, put your clothes on. We can do this again tonight." We put our clothes on quick and waited until the teacher left. We kissed each other deeply before we went out for period 5 and then ran.

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