My rules —

Please review my rules before messaging me :)

ONLY USA! Not shipping worldwide

Form of payment: CC only
(CC stands for Concealed Cash)
This is because I am a minor.

If you are buying from me, It is upon courtesy for you to send the money first!

I mainly sell, but if you give me a good offer for a trade we can negotiate.

Shipping - US stamp > will be $0.50
Optional - tracking > will be $3.00

HOLDS - maximum hold time is 3 days :)

We can always negotiate on price, don't be afraid to offer me anything :)

10 proofs are required!
Proofs may consist of taking pictures of the money in different places or other means.

Please let me know if you would like me to write your @ or not before I write a thank you card 🧸

+ I might take 2-3 days to mail out your order, but I will always let you know in dm+

+ I might be slow at responding sometimes but I will get to you! +

📍I am not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

📍I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*currently collecting Youngjae*

Who am I?

Just a quick description of who I am :)

Please call me Mocha! :)
Pronouns: he/him

Located in USA (CA)

I am not at the age of 18 yet.

My ult groups are Got7, 2ne1, Aespa, Brave Girls, and way more.

My account is dedicated to mainly selling Got7 pc's, but I have more kpop groups other than Got7 that I will be posting soon!

As you can guess, my bias is Youngjae hehe

ILYSM = I Love Youngjae So Much 🌼