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I am here to help you grow deep, strong roots in essential oil knowledge so you can feel confident using natural remedies in your home!

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Replace your medicine cabinet in one click! 🤘🏼

We’re exposed to toxins and synthetics every day. When it comes to lessening your exposure, it can be hard to know where to start.
⇨ The Cura Collection—cura being a Latin word for “care”—brings together some favorite natural alternatives so you don’t have to guess or feel lost!

CURA Collection $249.50

Tried and true tools for momma ✨

You can never be too prepared as a mom. Babies throw things at you at the wildest hours and you just have to be ready!
♡ These are my most used oils as a momma!

MOM’S TOOL Collection $178.00

Replace candles with the power of nature🌿

This collection includes the best essential oils to help you freshen the air around.
☆ Saying goodbye to synthetic fragrances from candles, air fresheners, and other scented products in your space doesn’t mean you have to give up the wonderful aromas you love so much. With the Aroma Essentials Collection, you can create a fresh, clean environment that smells incredible, straight from the plant.

AROMA Collection $149.50

The top 10 oils 🙌🏼

Transforming your mind, body, and home has never been easier with essential oils!
⇨ This collection of the top 10 most used essential oils is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to change things up in the quality of their home.

STARTING POINT Collection $160.00

Naturally creating balance in your body is life giving💃🏼

✰ 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance!
This imbalance can be caused by an array of different factors. Two factors you and I can control are our toxin intake in the environment around us and the quality of our supplements!

How do toxins apply to our hormones?
⇨ Many toxins and chemicals in our body from our products and environment - act like hormones within us! Specifically, estrogen.
When our body is inundated with fake hormones it thinks,
“I don’t need to produce all of the normal hormones required to stay in balance.”
⇨ So our body stops producing the hormones needed!
And that is when things can get whacky.

We take clean, natural supplements and use essential oils to aid our body in producing the correct amount of hormones needed and reduce our toxin intake ✌🏼

HAPPY HORMONES - All In - Collection $304.50

Naturally balancing your hormones gradually 👯‍♀️

Creating change is a process!
Do what you can, when you can and change will follow ✌🏼

HAPPY HORMONES -Getting Started- $179.00