Grace Children's Home

Help the vulnerable❤❤

Grace Children's Home is a christian, donation based home that was started in 2016 due to the hard prevailing conditions children in our community were going through.

Leaving on a hungry stomach and sleeping out on verandahs with boxes and sacks acting as beddings was the way of life.
I really know what it means spending a day without food, sleeping out in the cold and living without any kind of parental love.

I and one old woman sat and came up with a way through for some of the kids that were under such conditions. We started up the home with 8 children and we would survive mainly on offers from the community not until we joined social media that we started getting a few donations. Its by Gods grace that we are still surviving.

Mean while we mainly depend on donations from our friends for a living. We call upon you to join the team and make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable and needy.

Currently we have 18 kids at the home and their age ranges from 3 to 11 years. We are purposing to help out more children so as to bring hope for a better life.

If only we would treat every child as our own, we would have no children struggling and suffering
With all the support you can afford, it would make a child smile and also better his/her life
This challenges both you and me to make a step towards transformation lives of the less fortunate and vulnerable