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Now, I’m not going to bore you with my entire life story, but let’s go over the basics quickly. I am from the small town of Eagle River, Alaska. Raised in the same household all my life my elementary school through to college are all less than a 30 minute drive away. Coming from a small town, everyone knows everyone and has similar childhoods growing up.

Growing up at the base of a valley surrounded by mountains I’ve found peace and comfort in the outdoors. Whether it be out on a trail run, a hike through the mountains at sunrise or sunset, or waking up early to catch fish before the rest of the world wakes up you can always find me outside adventuring somewhere. My love for the outdoors has also cultivated a yearning to live a more natural lifestyle. No I’m not an extremist by any means, don't worry, but I like to live by the “everything in moderation’” rule. I strive to be conscious about how my actions and choices affect the world as a whole, not only the role they may play in my life in a specific moment. Another thing about me is that I have a passion for all things self care and gratitude!

My goals are to share my story and experiences with you in hopes of inspiring you and providing you with tools to level up you self care and personal development game. Whether this bee through short bible study prompts, journaling prompt ideas, gratitude practices, my content will vary monthly.

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Natural beauty

Welcome friend, you deserve nothing less than the best!

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