Grace Halterman for GA TSA!


My name is Grace Halterman! I am a Law student at Alliance Academy for Innovation in Forsyth County Georgia. My hobbies include photography,traveling
and painting.

My campaign is revolved around making TSA “geared” towards everyone and a more social environment for students!
My campaign motto is:
“TSA for everyone” because everyone, no matter what their interests are belong in TSA!

My plans for change are:
-Making a way for students to contact other TSA students from different schools.I believe this would be helpful with smaller chapters as well as creating a bigger and more social club!
-Making support groups for different teams competing in SLC/FLC events.
I believe this would be helpful for students to ask questions and socialize with more members that have similar interests!
-Making TSA social nights.I feel to bring GA TSA together, there could be one night a month where all of the chapters could get on a Zoom call and interact and talk about what their chapters are doing.This could help each chapter with questions they might have, as well as to touch base with one another in a fun and interactive way!
-Give YOU a voice! I want to establish panels every month so that TSA members can directly tell the state officers what they want done!
-I have many more goals and changes I would like to make, but for now I want to make them obtainable and reasonable.

If you have any questions, my email is

I hope you join me in my mission!