Hi! I’m Grace.

Welcome to my little corner 💕

You are loved here. I am not perfect and I have made plenty of mistakes, but my life has been completely changed by the deep steadfast love of Jesus. And I am learning each day how to walk with confidence in the raw, authentic, weird, fun self that He has made me to be.

I am fond of the weird and different. Music is life giving. Emotions run deep. I love all things chocolate (including our chocolate lab and the chocolate diamond in my wedding ring 😍). I have been married to my best friend for 7.5 years and counting. We have 2 beautiful kiddos and you will see them a lot in my squares.

I love the power of words. To build up or destroy. With them we can completely tear down those around us OR we can be intentional to breathe confidence and life into the souls we are blessed to know. Let’s choose the second option together, ok?

Emotions are nothing to be afraid of. It’s ok if you are having a horrible day. You are safe here. Safe to share. Safe to sit in silence without expectations or pressure. Safe to simply be.

Bring your full self.

The world needs it.