These are a few of my favorite things...

Navigating your way through oils can seem daunting at first but it’s a journey you’ll NEVER have to walk alone. I’m not an expert just an enthusiast who loves learning right along with you! Below are some of my kit recommendations for new members. Please don’t ever hesitate to DM me on Insta for more recommendations and options! I don’t ever want you to feel overwhelmed. I’m here to answer any of your questions - and if I don’t know the answer I promise I know somebody who does. 😉❤️

Premium Starter Kit w/ARIA Diffuser

The Premium Starter Kit is already the most bang for your buck and when you add the Aria to your PSK the savings just get that much better! By itself the Aria costs $231.75 wholesale. The Premium Starter Kit w/Aria is $265. So for only $34 dollars more you get the Aria diffuser and waaayyy more than $34 worth of product : 12 oils - 2 Ningxia Packets - Thieves Hand Sanitizer - 2 fitment roller tops - etc. It’s a no brainer!
❤️ Aria PSK = $265

Premium Starter Kit w/DESERT MIST Diffuser

The Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit is a classic choice. It was my first Young Living Diffuser and I now own two. They look beautiful in my kitchen and my daughter’s bedroom. The candle flicker is a favorite relaxing setting at bedtime.
❤️ Desert Mist PSK = $165

Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit

An absolute favorite!! With this collection you’ll find everything you need to start even the youngest of oilers off on their oily journey. Includes our Feather the Owl Diffuser, 5 KidScent oils and 2 roller fitments.
❤️ Little Oilers PSK = $135

Hi! I’m Brittany.

Lover of life, family, friends and essential oils. ✌️

I dabbled in essential oils for years. Never seriously. I’m a Mama of four and suffered terribly with postpartum depression after the birth of all of my babies. I was always able to get it ‘under control’ through my doctors advice and the use of meds but inevitably from time to time it always reared it’s ugly head. Finally, in the winter of 2018 I went to a 30 day rehab facility to treat a severe bought of depression and anxiety. There, I learned about all of the things that I should keep in my wellness toolbox. Things I should practice and do everyday, not to cure my depression, but to do the best I can to live the happiest life I can live. When I got home from my 30 day stint I was in a much better place but was still a little wobbly. The ground beneath my feet still felt a shaky...and that’s when I came across an Instagram post discussing using essential oils for emotional support. I bought a Premium Starter Kit to start experimenting with the oily lifestyle and fell in love within the first week. The rest is really history. 🌿