Your Goal Setting 2021

Hi there! Have you been scribbling down resolutions over the years but keep failing to achieve them?? Do you have so many beautiful goals you desire to achieve for your life and businesses, but easily get distracted and don't know which to prioritize? I know you understand what I'm talking about... And trust me, I also understand how frustrating it can be to keep up with your goals especially when they seem so huge. I can imagine how much efforts you've put in already just to bring your goals to fruition. GUESS WHAT!? What you really need is an ACCOUNTABILITY COACH. I have helped countless number of persons in goal setting and actualization by showing them proven secrets and strategies. These persons are further empowered through several of my accountability and mentorship programmes. Happening live this Sunday! | DATE: 20th December 2021 | TIME: 7pm | Fee is: FREE. Kindly follow link for more information on how to join and stand a chance to win some free giveaways. See you in class👍

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Grace Omodunbi

Grace Omodunbi is a Nigerian business magnate and an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. She is the CEO of Geetouch World, a company with subsidiaries: Geetouch Food Mart, Geetouch Kitchen Wares among others.

She has a bachelor degree in Economics from Kogi State University Anyigba and went onto Pan African University where she studied Entrepreneurship.

She is married to Mr. Omodunbi and they are blessed with two children.

Grace Omodunbi is a Christian who is devoted to her religion and her family. She enjoys singing and interacting with people. Her passion is to raise young and thriving entrepreneurs in Nigeria and around the globe.