About Me

“In my next life, I want to be me, and meet you again”

Grape is the name and cosplaying is the game!

I’m 20, an Anime Enthusiast, and an Alabama Cosplayer. Passionate about Purple 💜

Grape’s Anime Watchlist


I’m actually sort of new to the anime scene so I haven’t seen very much BUT I thought that this would be a great way for other people to enjoy some throwback animes or to keep track of my faves!

5. Boku No Hero Academia

While it is not my favorite anime I’ve ever seen, BNHA is just one of those ones you have to watch for me. There’s a enough characters that you’re definitely going to find one you love! I love the animation of the action scenes. This one of the few I say watch Sub (But no hate to dub watchers!)

4. Yuri on Ice

Would you believe if I said this was my first anime? You heard me correctly! Yuri on Ice is a great intro piece to anime as the plot is just structured enough to make it interesting but not too much to where it can’t be a casual watch! The animation is STUNNING.

3. Banana Fish

This anime leaves me speechless. The story is breathtaking and beautifully heartbreaking in all the right ways. I believe that this show delivered in one season what many fail to do. This recommendation does come with a content warning, please message me if you’d like more info on that!

2. Hunter x Hunter

Although the length of this anime seems daunting, it’s a journey that is worth it every step of the way. This anime is so beautifully put together in a way I wasn’t expecting it. The first episodes lead you to believe that the story is but a classic shonen but I PROMISE it is so much more. Many people are likely shocked this isn’t first.....

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Actually... no one is shocked that this is number one. The depth, message, and emotion behind this show is an experience that has yet to be recreated for me. This is one of those that I can keep coming back to and somehow never seem to get bored of it. So many little details add up to be plot points and plot twists you weren’t ever expecting. This anime is a stunning work of art and without it I wouldn’t have continued to be a cosplayer.