About me

Hi I’m Kate! I’m from Boston living with my black lab Wallace. I love eating plant-based and focusing on my nutrition. I’m studying to become a life coach and I’m excited for this journey!

I plan to have a website soon with more information but see the next few slides for a snapshot of what I’m planning on!

A sneak peek of my ideas:

Customized morning and night routines

Working on our nutrition and fitness in a fun facebook group

Helping inspirational people figure out how they can inspire others

Health & Wellness Group

I would love to work with you if you:
• Want to learn to say “no” and to treat time for you as if it’s as important as other tasks- because it is!
• Want customized morning/night routines to get focused on the day.
• Want to learn more about healthy eating. We’re going to share lots of healthy recipes!

21 Day Mindful Mindset Challenge

I’m working on a program where for 21 days we focus on one element of mindfulness each day and discuss ways to create a positive mindset. Mindfulness is helpful for stress reduction and managing your emotions.

DM me if you’d like to be a part of the free beta group!

Finding your Values and Assessing your Life

Another program, coming out later this year where you can learn how to find calm in the chaos of life. Figure out what’s important to you, how to live intentionally, and set healthy boundaries.

DM to be added to the waitlist!

Gratified Vibes

Truly gratifying experiences and accomplishments are the result of time and effort