About us!

We are a group of students coming together to help our community during this difficult time

Whether it’s grocery shopping, picking up medication, raising awareness about COVID-19 or supporting vital workers, students in the greater Boston area are working hard to make this time a little easier for everyone. We connect students and locals to those in need, whichever form of need that is.

Students Against Corona

If you are looking for help while self isolating

How to stay clean and hygienic while volunteering with us!

Before you start volunteering, please read this page carefully and watch the Volunteering Hygiene Recommendation Video. People are self-isolating in order to avoid infection after all.

1. Do not volunteer if you have any symptoms of a cold or are coughing or if you live in the same house with someone experiencing these symptoms.
2. Wash your hands before and after every task you perform.
3. Keep 2 meters (6 feet) distance to everyone, especially the person you are helping but also the other volunteers.
4. Do not touch your face or other people, especially the person you are helping.
5. Do not wear gloves without informing yourself of the WHO Guidelines on when and how to use them. They can increase the risk of spreading the virus if these guidelines are not followed.
6. Wear face masks at all times.

Click here to watch our guidelines on safe volunteering