5 great things about you.

Happy 18th birthday, my man. I love youuu. ❤

The things below will be the reasons why I love you.

You might have doubt about this one but you're vvv cute.

You know how much I hate it whenever you say to yourself that you don't look good enough. Whenever you feel insecure about the other guys. However, I can't blame you. People made you believe that you don't look good enough. But don't worry, I am already here. I'll always do my best to remind you how wonderful you are. I love you, my best boy! 💖

You are vvv understanding and I love that

I know how hard it was to either handle or understand someone like me. Admit it because even I? I don't understand myself too. However, I can clearly see your effort to understand me whenever I start throwing shits in you. Thank you for doing that.

You are vvv expressive with your feelings towards me.

We both know that whenever you try to express or say sweet things to me, I always react like nothing—perhaps, I react terribly. However, to be honest? I do really appreciate all of it! Every simple words or phrase that come out from your mouth—I love all of it. Thank you for always telling me how much you love me. I really need that. I love you.

You are good at playing online games and that seriously made me proud.

I always tend to say that I hate guys who waste their time playing games. However, look at me now? I ended up being in a relationship with a vvv cool guy (you). I'm sorry for not showing it to you whenever you send something related to your games. But I swear, I am proud of you. ☺ Keep on doing what makes you happy! I'll be here and I will never leave you.

You might doubt this too but you are a vvv good boyfriend to me.

You always thought that you don't do your part correctly. However, to be honest, your small mistakes can't change the fact that you are the sweetest and nicest man that I ever met.

I still have a lot of reasons why I love you but even this website is not enough to express all of it.

Hey, I'm really sorry if I will not be able to see you tomorrow because seriously I have a lot of reasons why I can't go. I know that you can understand that already but I am still saying sorry about it. I really want to see you—you might not know that but I really do. 🥺 However, we still have a lot of years to celebrate our birthdays right? Bawe nalang us. 😆 I love you, Neriel. If I only have the chance, I will literally say thanks to your parents for creating you HAHAHHAHAAHA. Thank you for existing, Neriel. I love you! Again, Happy 18th birthday! Mabuhay ka hangga't gusto mo HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.