Greek Gods and Goddesses

The inhabitants of Mount Olympus represent an attempt by the ancient Greeks to explain the chaos of the universe through human nature. Thus, like evevry deity invented before and since, these god and goddesses are embodiments of human solipism.

Zeus overthrow his father,Cronus, king of the Titans. Zeus is the chief deity in a new pantheon comprising mostly his siblings and children. He controls weather.

Roman name: JUPITER

He is best known as the Greek sea God, but
he is also the god of horses and earthquakes. He had some seriously strange children. He fathered both the winged horse Pegasus and the Cyclops Polyphemus.

Roman name: NEPTUNE

Hermes presided over multiple spheres. He was a pastoral figure, responsible for protecting live stock, and was also associated with fertility,music and deception. In the Odyssey, he is depicted as messenger god.

Roman name: MERCURY

Hera is the queen goddess of Olympus, She was both sister and wife to Zeus. She is often depicted as reserved and austere, she was mercilessly vindictive when it came to her husband’s extramarital adventures.

Roman name: Juno

Hades ruled the world of the dead. He was not the ultimate judge of the souls that wandered his domain nor did he mete out their punishments for sins committed during their mortal lives.

Roman name: PLUTO

He is the son of Zeus born to a mortal mother. The cult of Dionysus revolved around intoxication,sex, and savage ritual sacrifice. He was often symbolized by a bull due to his association with sacrificial animal.

Roman name: BACCHUS

Demeter is the agricultural goddess, was mother to Persephone, who was abducted by the underworld god Hades to be his bride. The Eleusinian Mysteries, perhaps the most important religious rites in ancient Greece, are attributed to her teachings.

Roman name: CERES

Greek Gods and Goddess

Greek mythology is the body of myths originally told by ancient Greems, and a fenre of Ancient Greek folklore.

Twin brother of Artemis, Apollo was among the most important of the gods. Son of Zeus, he disseminated the will of hid divine compatriots through various means,notable oracles.

Roman name; APOLLO

Ares was the god of bloodlust. His fellow deities weren’t particularly fond of him, the Spartans had no problems,er, donating some prisoners of war to his worship.

Roman name:Mars

Artemis was the fleet-footed goddess of the hunt. Often depicted in painting and sculpture with deer or a hunting dog, she was both huntress and protectress the living world.

Roman name: DIANA

Athena was the goddess of reason,wisdom and war. She famously sprung fully formeds from the forehead of Zeus. The Parthenon was her chief temple in Athens, which is named her honor.

Roman name: Minerva

Aphrodite was the goddess of love, sex and beauty. Unsurprisingly for a love goddess, she was said to have emerged from the foam genera tree d when the served testicles of her father,Uranus, were throw. Into the sea by his son, Titan Cronus.

Roman name: VENUS