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Considered a pioneer in the movement of mobile street photography, Greg Schmigel’s early iPhone photographs capture quick, candid glimpses of everyday moments – the lives of the people and strangers that he encounters on the street and in public places. Schmigel has often stated he believes that 90% of the art of photography is about what the photographer sees with his or her own eyes. The choice of camera makes up for the rest. All of the photographs featured on this site were created with a simple handheld mobile device – the iPhone.

Schmigel’s began using the iPhone for his street work in late 2007, with the original iPhone 2G. His work was recognized and exhibited in 2010 with stops in Rome, Berlin, Madrid, New York City, Philadelphia, Panama City, Baltimore and Washington, DC and beyond.

In 2014, a selection of the artist’s iPhone photographs were included in the permanent collection of art at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, following The Social Medium, a group exhibit featuring noted artists, including Jules Aarons, Larry Fink, and Andy Warhol. The Social Medium was generously funded by an anonymous donor.

While passionately dedicated to the art of candid mobile street photography, Schmigel launched We’re All Strangers in 2013 to showcase a different style of photography for the artist — mobile street portraiture. Still only equipped with an iPhone, Schmigel set out to capture compelling portraits of perfect strangers he met on the streets and other public surroundings. As a new direction for the artist, this project combined photography and social interaction with unique and interesting subjects. Continually inspired by other photographers and artists, this project has allowed him to expand his understanding and appreciation for an entirely new realm of photographic work.

Since 2011, Schmigel has been invited to speak various Apple Store location in New York City, on select topics of iPhone photography, including: street photography with an iPhone, street portraiture with an iPhone, and most recently black and white photography with an iPhone.

Greg Schmigel was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1969, but has spent the majority of his life in and around the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area. The artist now resides on Maryland’s eastern shore with his wife Suzy, and their beloved Boxers Wilbur and Brooklyn.

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The iPhone Street Photography of Greg Schmigel