Greenwich Politics Society


What we want to achieve:

A society that is based around promoting campus free speech and genuine debate.

A society that proves of academic value to its members and the associated faculty.

The development of an open and constructive atmosphere that forms the basis for friendships, networking relationships and opportunities.

Regular socials ;) Because no matter what side of the debate or the political spectrum you come under, being able to relax in the company of others, is good for all of us.

So what will we be doing?

Hosting Debates, Attending Events, Networking, Socialising, Connecting, Learning

We want to help students gain access to the vast array of networking, academic and political events that take place across this great city.

We want to learn from each other and ensure that extra-curricular opportunities are seized.

We are not a debating society. We will be debating, but student to student debate is the subject of other societies in our faculty. So more prominently we aim to be encouraging academics and those in political or social life to debate on panels with politicians, journalists and others so that we may better inform ourselves. We aim to be holding Q&A sessions on topics, attending talks and networking so that we can utilise the full benefit of our great university to empower students of all faculties who share a political interest.

We want to create a community of students who have a diverse set of skills, interests and views so that we may step out of our echo-chambers and get to the root of each others' beliefs.