Greta dela Cruz

Freelance Writer Extraordinaire

Hi there!

Welcome to my Milkshake link. As the subheader says, I am a writer.

I am a writer who is currently tackling the cutthroat world of wordsmitthing for hire.


So, What Can I Do For You?

Writing in and of itself is hard.

A lot of people underestimate the skill that it takes to create and refine something from pen to page.

While yes, it is true that you can start your awesome freelancing journey with absolutely no skills or prior experience required — it can make every market out there a wild free-for-all.

And in turn, that makes it harder for people like you and I to find any quality writing that's not another copy-paste disgrace.

Writers and clients want to be able to deliver the best quality of writing that they specialize in. And as creatives, we tend to spend a big chunk of our time conceptualizing and doing research for our next project.

For some, it is just a quick way to make a buck. But for those who would really like to get into it, and personally excel at freelancing—the path is challenging.

With the rise of remote work, businesses of all kinds are looking to amp up their content in order to cater to their target audience.

That's where writers come in.

We provide the means to achieve better results for what you envision your content to be.

Because words are not just there for no reason, words carry power and can give so much hope and inspiration to anyone.

Whether you're a proofreader or an editor or a transcriber— words will influence the way you do your work.


My past work includes Op-Ed features, human interest pieces and News Articles in Business and blogging for the web.

I also have a personal book blog that I occassionally update, as well as a Twitter where I can be reached anytime, via DM.