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Gapan, City

Officially the City of Gapan, is a 4th class component city in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Gapan is nicknamed the "Footwear Capital of the North" due to the thriving footwear making industry in the city. Gapan is also known as the rice capital of the philippines because of its vast land.

La Virgen Divina Pastora

It was summer this year when I and my family decided to have a vacation in our province, which is Gapan,City. For the first stop, I visited Gapan. From the main terminal, I ride a tricycle for Php 10 to reach the La Virgen Divina Pastora or Three Kings Parish Church. It's not my first time to see the church but everytime i visit there i still amaze by it's beauty. I am slowly being obsessed with churches because of the influence of my family. Since it was summer, the church was filled with people going on a pilgrimage. I can’t help but fall in love with La Virgen Divina Pastora. The intricate details on the ceiling was so lovely especially the paintings.

ccto of the photo.

ccto of the photo.

Gapan, City Plaza

After that we straight ahead go to the plaza to eat in the night market. The street there is super beautiful, the place is covered by many lights, lampost and lanterns. There's a lot of different choices of foods. There are grilled seafoods,barbecue, sizzling, pizza and fruit shakes and even rice meals they also have. When you walk around you can see there's a lot of bench and tables so you can sit and eat comfortable. The view there is so amazing there's fountain, a tunnel lights with over 500 bulbs, 100 foot christmas tree and a giant ferris which is 45 meters tall. If you want to ride in the ferris wheel you will going to pay 50 pesos but if you are citizen in gapan you can ride free, when you are at the top of the ferris wheel ride you will see the true beauty of gapan city plaza.

Minalungao National Park

The Last place we visit is the Minalungao National park in Papaya, Nueva ecija. Its our first time to go there. We Ride a tricycle and we don't know that its a long trip so our feet and legs get numb ,but when you get there you will not regret the tiredness you feel because everything is worth it. The entrance fee is only 150 pesos and you will see the true beauty of the nature in Minalungao National Park.There's a lot of floating balsa, i don't know the right term but yeah, it has a zipline too, a hanging bridge and it has a 1000 steps stairway going to the cross. Super amazing right!?. You will also see the beauty of the rock formation and the clear water there. Definitely will visit again there when the pandemic is ended.

Travel Blogs: Profile and local adventurer

Do you want to travel outside the Philippines just to see your favorite places, or would you rather experience things with your family in the province?

Would you travel to Maldives so that you can find the tropical paradise where has pure white sand beach off your bucket list, when you could be enjoy about the beauty of Boracay which only find in your province.

Local travel experiences are about getting beyond the usual tourist sights that everyone wants to check off for a particular destination, immersing yourself in local culture and supporting local communities.

I visited my province last 2018 and I'm totally inloved to the beauty it has. For the 2nd time around, I've seen again the peaceful place wherein I just relaxed from the moment I went there. Masbate is one of the provinces of the Philippines that are not effectively open. Vacationers need to ride boats to arrive at any of its islands. Notwithstanding, when you arrive at this obscure tropical paradise, you'll most likely discover why individuals return regardless of the tiresome excursion. Luckily, Masbate is sprinkled with rentals and facilities that could give you the solace, accommodation, and security you merit as you investigate the area. From completely outfitted condos in tranquil areas to very good quality private structures and marvelous island resorts where you can awaken to an amazing perspective on the ocean.

It's difficult to avoid this fascination because of its magnificence and availability - this photo was taken by me when me and my mom chose to discover some fish and here we tracked down this delightful one.I got goosebumps and happy also in light of the fact that, that was my first time seeing an ideal formed starfish, for me. Delicate sand, clear waters, and pleasant perspective on the quiet sea shore. Beside swimming, put on some swimming stuff and spot different sorts of fish and bright corals. You'll definitely spot a couple of starfish.

I'm the sort of person who regardless of whether can't snap a photo with the spot we went to, it's fine as long as I simply take a photo of the things that make this spot wonderful, particularly when I realize I'll be back here for a long time again. The moments we walked to see the lovely view, I take those things what I recognize wonderful clearly like that one. Taking a gander at these is such a pressure reliever. I do it frequently. Respect the enumerating among cloud and trees, what a brilliant formation of nature. The greenery and the shades of nature move everybody usually when having a hard times. Here, I have attempted to bring the excellence of these and I am certain that it's likewise entranced you everytime you look above, and you won't avoid yourself from taking this sort of photograph. The beauty it is really filled me with joy and hoping will take much pictures there, when I come back.

Yet, Masbate is wonderful by its own doing. What's more, contingent upon how profoundly you investigate its little hiding spots and the islands that structure part of the region, you may even say it is more wonderful. All advancements of Masbate that I have seen however I haven't discover those photos. As of late say Masbate is the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. I can just concur that the rodeo is the one major draw. Else, I would not have made visits to watch the rodeo again since I returned here. In any case, I present that Masbate is substantially more than rodeo. It's normal excellence is all that could possibly be needed to draw guests. The actual nature are another significant explanation and, for a few, could be adequate enough motivation to go. Also, I am not in any event, discussing the great individuals of this region that made my visits both agreeable and essential.

I, at last show some Masbate in photographs on this blog. On a few, sharing to you our province from the second time I visited there. Indeed, even it's simply brief timeframe yet at the same time worth the pause. In any case, for most, I the photographs ought to represent themselves. As it is pitiful, an image paints a thousand words.