growing in grace

Hey girl, your grow is showing.

Growth. What do you picture? When I hear that word, I visualize a little seedling popping out of the ground. With proper nourishment, you watch that little green guy sprout up + up and begin to bloom. That is what I feel my healing journey has looked like.

Before I was introduced to a natural lifestyle and making intentional, informed choices for my health and wellness, growth was the last thing on my mind. I thought I was just fine with where I was, mentally, physically, spiritually... but boy, I had a long way to go. Chronic colds. Constant migraines. Stressed out and broken down immune system. Limited vision for my future. I could count my friends on one hand. And I had no idea there was more out there. Without even searching for it, I was shown a way of living where I could use earth’s natural, God-given elements to make the most out of this life. Feel my best. Breathe deeper. Live fully, while surrounding myself with a community sharing that same abundant mindset.

I realized there WAS more for me. I wasn’t designed by our almighty Creator just to stop where I was. My path to growth was just beginning. And it continues to grow every single day. I wish that same growth for you.

~ Grace