About Jenn

Stop the marketing overwhelm, and start practicing for profits

With a decade of industry experience, I know what it means to give your heart, soul, and full day every day to the care of patients.

And I also know how exahusting it is to work a 70 hour week and feel like you weren't able to give your patients all you wanted to, that your work might not have been all that profitable, and that you're sacrificing your health and relationships - and it's still not enough.

I know what it's like to try every shiny new marketing tactic. I know what it's like to write awkward emails because you're not sure how to word exactly what you need to say. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by marketing and sales, and frustrated that being good at medicine isn't enough to succeed.

I also know that there's a very different possibility for you and your practice. I know because I learned the hard way.

Yes, it is possible to work only 40 hours a week, including all the management of your team, and actually make more money. And yes, it is possible to love and trust your entire team, and know that they are working hard for your practice (and not just a pay raise at their next review). And yes, it is possible to spend more time with each patient, and get paid more, not less, to provide a level of care both you and your patients have been craving.

I help physicians create the businesses and systems that allow them to be fulfilled in their work and out of it, by creating financial stability and lifestyle flexibility.