Gunita The Label

Trendy, yet timeless

Gunita the Label is not your ordinary accessory brand. GTL aims to blend the hype of the trend wave with timeless & classic elements that are emulated in our pieces. The brand is strongly for the local industry as we believe that Philippine artistry and craftsmanship should be highly valued.

The Perla Collection

Bringing a serene beauty of the sea to land

Pearls can either compliment bold & extravagant looks or possess enough elegance to stand alone. In ancient cultures, pearls were a symbol of divinity as it represented a soul’s journey to the path of perfection. To this day, pearls continue to be viewed in a light of extreme gracefulness and dignity, as its simple beauty elevates everything it touches.

Perla Baguette Bag

A classic piece that belongs in every closet. Your side profile will never look as great without this in tow. A bag such as this will elevate a look without you having to break a sweat.

Available with and without gold accent beads

Perla Mini Handbag

Dainty and elegant. This look brings an outfit together as it highlights one’s femininity with its simple figure & charming design.

Perla Tote Bag

A unique take on a common bag design transforms its usual casualness into a classically stylish one. It is a statement piece that will polish every look.

Perla Handbag

A classy statement piece that’ll turn heads. It’s bold design will not be too overpowering, therefore still retaining its simple elegance.

The Mutya Collection

Mutya. Often an amulet or charm, occasionally darling and precious, and currently embodied in the cutest bead accessories 😍

Pearl Bag Lookbook Inspiration

A collection of some of our favorite OOTDs that go well with our perla handbags.


Silk pieces are also an example of a fashion piece that is simple yet elegant. Combining it with a pearl bag will upgrade its look on your outift.

Dressy Tops

Stylish & dressy tops with simple bottoms will give you a stylish and classy look.


Blazers with denim will give you a smart casual look while blazers with trousers will give you a formal one. Either way, a pearl bag will complement your look.

White on Denim

This classic look will get an upgrade as pearl bags will elevate a basic outfit such as this.

Statement Pieces

Wearing a statement piece doesn’t mean you get to dress your accessories down. Complete your flashy outfit with a bag that will compete for the attention.

Cozy Sweaters

A bag will dress every outfit up, even ones you wear on a lazy day.

Patterns & Stripes

A pearl bag won’t clash with your outfits’ patterns & stripes. It’s a simple bag that will complete & compliment a look.


White on white will never fail you but it won’t hurt to mix and match the textures of your monochrome look to avoid looking plain.


Who says pearl bags are just for formal and dressy outfits? Even streetwear uses the elegance of pearls.

Formal Wear

It’s a bag that won’t fail you in every event. Paired with a formal look, the pearls makes an outfit look mature.


Gunita the Label consistently ensures that all our local & hand-made products are of the best quality to guarantee optimal usage & resilience. GTL products are made from premium and sturdy materials and are constructed by a professional artisan. Our confidence in our bag designs is strong, which is why GTL offers a Warranty for any malfunction that may occur in the first (1) month upon purchase.

In the event that a problem arises due to production or material defect, GTL will repair the item or replace it, free of charge, if it cannot be repaired. However, customers will be responsible for sending the bag to the address provided once our account has been contacted, to accept items for repair as indicated below.