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Hi guppy galore fans! My website is going to be facts about Guppies, Betta and Cory catfish.

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I will be giving updates on my fish and there fry (baby’s)
There will be an update every day about my fish and there fry (baby’s).
So stay updated!

Guppy mating

Information on guppie mating and fry

Guppies breed about every 30 to 35 days.
They give live birth to there fry.
If a guppy gets stressed she will eat all her baby’s.
When a guppie is ready to give birth her stomach will get boxy and square looking, her attitude will change and she will become very protective, she will hide from any other fish to give birth in a quiet area so other fish don’t eat her babys.

Pregnant guppies and how to care for them

Breeders guide

How to tell if your guppie is ready to give birth: so how you tell is your guppy will get a “boxy” looking stomach.
Her attitude will change and she may act shy or maybe aggressive.
And her anal area (gravid spot) will get a dark square shape near it.

How to care for her: If you notice your guppy is in labour or close to giving birth then I suggest to get a hatchery net if you don’t have one already and take the female and separate her from the other fish so she doesn’t get stressed and eat her fry (baby’s). When the fry are all born the mother will be very tired. So you should keep her in the hatchery net for a day or two if she has a big amount of fry and if she has a small amount of fry give her at least 7-8 hours or a day in the nursery net.

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Hatchery net

Breeding net

About a week ago I got my breeding/ hatchery net and it turned out to be great I’ve used it three times for 3 baby Molly’s and a pregnant platy that was supposed to give birth today but she didn’t and a pregnant platy (just to protect her)

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