A little bit about me

Let me be the one to help change your hair skin and life ✨

Hey y'all! I'm Jesselle!
Ya girl is 23 years young trying to help and make an impact on every person I come across! I am from Texas and currently living in Connecticut. I picked to go to school at Albertus Magnus, which brought me to CT. I recently graduated with a psychology degree! Also, I played volleyball at Albertus, and then I became a coach, cause I’m so passionate about the teaching others... One thing I’ve discovered about myself, is I LOVE to help people learn new things.... Enter, a vegan hair and skin care brand here, I found a company that helps me, help others!

Weather helping out financially, or physically, I get the opportunity to help people become their best selves. My journey in this business started after I stopped being scared to take a risk! I was hesitant, if you’re reading this, and you are too, I can relate. BUT, I thought to myself what is actually stopping me? Why not invest in something that's good for my hair and skin?

I mean lets be real we all spend money on stuff we don’t need, ALL THE TIME.. Are you're thinking about the 3 times you ate out this week, how much you spent going out On the weekend, or the 5 new plants you just bought because I sure as hell did? lol. I finally decided what's the worst that can happen? To answer that question i couldn't think of sh*t! So I went for it!

Now what if I told you you could make money by helping people with simply showing them your hair and skin care routine, and results.... If at one point you looked at influencers and thought to yourself “Damn i wish that was me”..

I'm here now to tell you can and that can be you We all sit here and recommend food places, our favorite drinks, where we go shopping, make up, clothes, shoes etc. right? It’s called social selling!

Girl so what's stopping you from changing your life, helping other women change their life all while making money? No matter who you are, what your age is, what kind of job you have.. this opportunity is for anyone and everyone that wants it!
Let's change your life and get this bread togetha🦋