Gas Card for free and reduced Gas Fees on ETH!

F. G. F. NFT

No Gwei? No Problem! These NFT's make transactions on ETH alot more affordable and even FREE!
How is this possible you might ask? In short, the funds from the sale of these NFT's, and royalties on subsequent re-selling are pooled into a treasury and used to generate yield which is used to grow the Treasury and pay out to holders for their transactions. To remain a sustainable model more services will be integrated down the line.
There are various ways of making gas fees affordable and even free. Some projects may AirDrop a token with mostly empty promises and an accompanying Death Spiral and their "DAO" is D.O.A. V.C.s take the lions share and Early adopters and supporters are left to suffer We aim to create real value and reward the community!
There's no long list of VC funds, No Secret Seed fund or Team/marketing/whitelist/presale/launchpad/etc. allocations or any B.S. Following the sale of the NFT's we ask you to join us as community members and become contributors. YOU are the Team members! You decide if this project is worthy of your time and the creation of a DAO. As stated the goal is to maintain a sustainable model and steady growth while giving back to the community!