Hello my name is Gwhendolyne Fonseca and I live in the province of Quebec, Canada.

I arrived to Canada when I was 10 years old. The change of weather automatically changed my skin.

I developed a skin condition from a young age. At the time I kept this to myself and didn't seek treatment. I thought the only option I had was to maintain a tan so my skin condition wouldn't be seen.

As an adult, it only got worst. That pushed me to look for different products. Professional shampoos and conditioners started to make my scalp feel itchy to the point that I was scratching and bleeding. My whole body started itching. It was something I couldn't stand.

Also, I never informed myself on how to take care of my skin. I was actually over exfoliating my dry skin with harsh bath gels. Although I used creams, they were all strongly scented and I did not know what the consequences of my wrong doing would be.

I was never the type of person that looked at the ingredients or even informed myself about them.

It took me quite a while before finding natural based products that would help my skin. Now, I feel proud that I know what not to do, what I need and what ingredients to avoid.

Helping others

Helping others has always brought me joy. As soon as I hear about someone needing help, i am there right away. You know the saying: helping others brings you internal joy, that's me.

Today, I help women and men take care of their skin, including the scalp and hair.

I feel so happy when a person needs help and I am there to share information and find solutions to their skin problems.

My job has lead me to help women and men economically by sharing the same opportunity I had.

Let me introduce you to the brand.

Dreams might always change, but never give up on them!

I am a Market Partner with Monat

First and foremost, Monat values family. A common value I share.

Monat specializes in hair and skin care and is leader in anti-aging products. Their ingredients are naturally-based, safe for humans, the environment and pure.

Why are we different from other brands?

The difference is our rich formulations that make the naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other.

We have collections for women, men and pets! Yes, pets!

Before guiding you to my website, feel free to fill out my quiz on the link below to help you choose the correct products for your needs.