Don’t quit your day dream

Boss lady

Hi! My name is Heather. I’m from Lancaster, PA. I have a cornfield in my backyard and my neighbors ducks frequently visit my yard.

I am in school for my second bachelors degree. I currently have my bachelors in psychology but I decided to go to nursing school because I love helping people!

I love doggos, currently working on rescuing a pup of my own. I’m a huge movie buff, specifically a Disney fanatic. I enjoy taking care of myself both physically and mentally! I enjoy working out but also paying attention to what I am putting into and on my body.

I am lucky enough to be partnered with a great brand that produces natural based hair care, skin care, and most recently wellness products(YAY!). I love being able to help people find confidence in their hair and skin. I’m so excited for wellness products because it’s all about taking care of yourself from the inside out.

Through my business I also get to help others develop their own businesses. We are goal crushers, big time dreamers, and boss ladies. We’re out here flourishing and living our best lives!

My Must Have Products

I couldn’t live without these products in my line up!


Targets damaged hair to eliminate breakage and frizz while increasing shine. Helps keep my hair soft, shiny, and I can go way longer in between a trim.

Rejuveniqu Oil

This bottle has so many uses! Personally I love it for my skin and hair. I use it for extra hydration on my skin and it helps heal any pimples I might have. I use it on my scalp as a scalp treatment and extra hydration! But there are over 101 different uses.

Eye Smooth

This eye cream helps relieve puffiness, dark circles, fine lines. It adds hydration and elasticity to my skin.