My Journey 💕

In 2018 I dropped out of college, I was looking to start a journey into finding myself and pursing lifelong goal. However, since then I’ve been stuck in one dead end 9-5 after the other. I’ve felt stuck and like I wasn’t truly living my life; I was just merely existing. Just waking up in the morning was a struggle. I had no motivation, no money for the things I wanted, and it started to really begin to take a toll on my mental health

Fast forward to 2020, I was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity and I knew that it was finally my time to take a chance and start to create the life I always dreamt of. An opportunity that would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and help make me the BOSS I’ve always wanted to be. Through it I’ve gained confidence, new friendships, and the keys to my dream life. I’m no longer taking a backseat to life anymore. I’m driving the car and I LOVE where it’s headed 😍

If you are curious about what I do and would like some more info, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to share the business with you and help lead you on your life changing journey. I want to help you change your life, the same way I’m changing mines! 💎

I’ve finally found what I was always looking for and I couldn’t be more happier about. Thanks for reading! 🤍