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Definition | Generic Structures | Purposes | Language Features | Example

~ Definition ~

Descriptive Text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like.
Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or

In a broad sense, description, as explained by Kane (2000: 352) 👇🏻

~ Generic Structures ~

When writing descriptive text, there are some generic structures
(actually not mandatory) for our writing to be true. The arrangement

1. Identification

= contains about the introduction of a person,
place, animal or object will be described.

2. Description

= contains a description of something such as
animal, things, place or person by decribing its features, forms,
colors, or anything related to what the writer describe.

~ Purpose ~

1. To describe person, thing or place in specific

2. To describe a particular person, thing or place.

~ Language features ~

1. Specific participant : has a certain object, is not common and
unique (only one).

for example: Bandengan beach, my house,
Borobudur temple, uncle Jim

2. The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun.

for example: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place
in jepara, etc.

3. The use of simple present tense: The sentence pattern used is
simple present because it tells the fact of the object described.

4. Action verb: verbs that show an activity.

For example, run,
sleep, walk, cut etc….

~ Example ~

My Lovely Cat
(Kucing Kesayanganku)

I have a stray cat as my pet. He is really playful, He loved to play with
me and the new things he found. He has orange and white fur, his fur
is so soft and I like to rubs it for him.
He has a long tail. He likes to play with it. He is also always try to
catch his tail sometimes. I also like to hold him in my hand, when i
hold him like that he will fall asleep.

Another example and the explaination :)

You guys can also watcing my another explaination about Descriptive text in my youtube channel :)

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