About Hailee

Clean ingredients, clean living 🦋

Growing up I was known as "the makeup girl", I didn't have many friends so after school I would immediately build a blanket Fort, get on YouTube, and watch every tutorial that I could find (the few that were on YouTube in 2011).
Following that passion, I didn't know what to do for college come senior year. I decided to enroll in my local cosmetology program. Even though it didn't seem right I stuck it out for 2 years and for another 2, I tried to make my living as a stylist/ makeup artist for ulta and other local salons.
It was NOT the move.
I loved playing in makeup, but those awful retail hours and being in such a brutal catty community of other stylists was not meant for me! (I'm too sensitive)
I took on being a nanny again after that and felt relief from stress but lost with what to do with my life.
I still nanny part-time, but I now, at 22, get to say that being a maskcara artist, playing in makeup all day, ONLINE, is hands down the best job ever 🖤
I also sell young living products! (making cool all-natural essential oil diys for everything, ditching chemical & toxin field products and switching to earth friendly ingredients in my every day routine! why both?)
Well let's put it this way...
Young living is an all natural, toxin free lifestyle! 🌿
Maskcara is a new, innovative, cruelty free, and clean ingredient passion! 🌹
The two simply go together. Both are things I truly enjoy! 🦋