My story & the biz

Hi! I’m Hailey!! I’m 20, from Ontario 🇨🇦

I joined because i was sick of my old life. I didn’t want to be in the same place in a year. I wanted to challenge myself, get out of the rut i was in. I need consistency, a routine, amazing friends, money, i needed to love what i was doing because dragging myself out of bed every morning wasn’t cutting it.

I worked as an on call porter before joining this business, i was working 8+ hour shifts. I got diagnosed with some things & the work got harder, and harder before i felt like one shift would knock my body out of commission for a week.

I didn’t jump on this offer right away, i took my time. Which is okay, but now i regret that decision. When i was taking my time to decide i could NOT stop thinking about it, so then i decided to start. It’s been a wonderful journey already.
During the period i was taking my time to get up&running, i was testing the products out. And they are no joke, they work wonders. I truly would never rep something i didn’t think works, or had one concern with. But there’s a reason we have a 1% return rate sis..
The products are all:
🌿Naturally based
🌿gluten free
🐰 leaping bunny approved + cruelty free!

So far I’ve..
Met so many amazing people
Have grown within myself
But the most important part...
Now i don’t have to worry one bit about going out trying to make an income during a pandemic. I struggled for a long time to realize my worth, to believe in myself. At the end of the day nobody will see your worth, or believe in you if you don’t yourself. I took a chance in myself because if i didn’t nobody will, who’s going to take a chance with you?