Welcome to my boutique home salon

Hours of operation
Monday - Thursday 8:00 Am - 6:30 Pm


Since 2014 I have always dreamt about owning my very own boutique home salon. A unique and inviting space where you can relax, and enjoy a private salon atmosphere.

Empowering you through your personalized hair experience, consultation, and hair care routine that will be customized to a perfect fit for you.

I specialize in creating custom colours, perhaps that is a “lived in” blonde to give you that easy grow out but with optimum brightness. Or by adding soft dimension into your natural colour to create flowing contrast.

Together we will create the perfect colour for you.

Beauty Services

Partial Highlight/Balayage

This service provides brightening with accents of dimension by keeping some of your natural colour.
Price includes lightener application, all over toner, haircut, blow-dry and style.

*Prices may vary & Taxes not Included*


Full Highlight/Balayage

This service is for you if you are looking to achieve maximum blonding.
Includes lightening application, toner, haircut, blow-dry and style.

*Prices may vary & Taxes not Included*


Base & Balayage

The service provides colour to your natural base (maybe to cover some unwanted greys), as well as bringing in brightness and dimension.
Price includes root application, lightening, toning, haircut, blow-dry and style.

* Prices may vary & Taxes not Included *


Full Colour Application/Single Process

Service includes root application, pull through colour, haircut, blow dry and style.

* Not Intended for blonde applications*

* Price may vary & Taxes not Included*


Root Touch Up

This services is for grey coverage or single process clients.
Includes colour application, haircut, blow- dry and style.

*Not intended for Blonde Applications*

*Prices may vary & Taxes not Included*


Women’s Cut

Service includes cut, scalp massage, blow-dry and style.
Looking to leave with beautiful curls? No Problem!

*Taxes not Included*


Toner Refresh

Bring your blonde back to life!
This service is for you if you love your blonde but just want to kick out a subtle unwanted tone.
Includes toner application, haircut, blow-dry and style.

*Intended for balayage and blonde colours*

*Prices may vary & Taxes not Included*