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It’s a perfect day to go after your dreams ✨

Hi, my name is Emily Miller! I was born and raised in San Jose but lived a short time in San Diego and forever left my heart there. I have been in the salon industry since I was 15 years old, and behind the chair for 13 years now! What really fuels me is helping people feel the best about themselves physically, mentally & financially.

You may have been following my hair, skin and wellness journey for a while now, or you may be brand new to my page! Regardless, I’d love to get to know you & what brought you here!

I started this journey about two years ago in hopes to achieve better skin (I honestly had no idea about the haircare until I was in it 😅) I quickly became obsessed, dove in and realized, why the heck am I not sharing this with everyone else?! How selfish! The confidence these products have given me, and what they have done for my hair and skin is unreal. I quickly realized I needed to start helping other people feel the same!

Whatever you’re looking for; financially, mentally, or even to gain an amazing community! I’m here to help you achieve that.

You’ll receive: 1:1 mentoring, full training, social media tips, and a supportive group of women supporting you every step of the way! (On top of the best hair and skin of your life 😉)

Want more info? I’m an open book! Send me a direct message or email 🙂

Xoxo, em!