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The trick to ensure your hair extensions stay hidden is to clip them in in your ‘safe’ zone, below your eyebrow line, and have enough hair to cover the wefts.

Hi I’m Jurnee, qualified Hair stylist and insured hair Extensionist based in SA.

Special Event styling

Blow Dry & Style $85 Curl & style $85 Blow dry, $65 Styling service GHD straight, $95 Curls or waves $45 Half up half down $110 Up Styles $120


Hair Extensions Installation for Voluminous Hair

Change up your look with our Amazing Hair Extensions

We use only 100% Human Hair for all our hair extensions.
Highly recommends Russian Tape Hair Extensions

Half Head = 52.5 grams
Full Head = 105 grams

Hey Stacey Extensions Stockist


$60 per line Tapes , $80 per line Flat tracks, $120 per line Sew in Wefts

Extensions Facts

Virgin hair – Indicates that the hair is perfectly natural and has not been processed in any way.

Remy hair – Are arranged so that all the roots go in the same direction. Remy hair generally lasts longer than other non-remi hair and doesn’t tangle easily.

Double Drawn – Means that the human hair has all of the shorter hairs in the bundle manually removed twice, hence the ‘double’ drawn. This results in the hair being much thicker. The process is time consuming and therefore it is the most expense .

METHOD Options

10 - 20 strands for color effects and highlights
20 - 40 strands for volume (hair thickening)
40 - 60 strands for a complete hair extension

Our beauty experts recommend:
1-3 packets to add volume

3-6 packets to add length for a full head of hair

50g in weight - this is typically a half head, this allow you to mix and match colours to customize your needs - no wastage of left over packs.

We recommend the brand Evo /MUVO / fudge
If you're going to use professional toners, make sure your extensions are Wet before applying for an even result

HAIR Matching
1. Always match to the ends of your hair

Your hair extensions are most noticeable at the ends of your hair, so this is where it's important for your hair and your halo to blend seamlessly.
If you've got darker roots, no stress.

Because your hair sits on top of the extensions , it'll blend just fine.

Another option, which girls with dark roots or ombré hair tend to go for, is getting their hairdresser to tone the roots of their halo so it matches their natural regrowth.

While it's not necessary, it's something you might want to do if you're blonde with dark brown roots

2. When in doubt, go lighter.

If you're in between two colours, it's always best to opt for the lighter colour.

This is because if your extensions arrives and it's slightly too light, you can easily tone your extensions darker but you can't bleach a dark coloured extensions lighter it’s not recommended

AUS Standard | $7.99 | Free if over $200

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Hair Extensions after care —

Avoid hair products that have silicone. We advise Don’t use oil base products near roots. Always use heat protectors on your hair. Sleep with your hair tied back in a loose bun or plait.

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