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How I got started...

I'm Faith, born and raised California girl. I love doing outdoor activities & I also have a thing for cars! I enjoy working on personal development & listening to motivational podcasts because they inspire me. I got my first job at 15 in high school working in the food industry and it kinda just stuck. I've gone from cook, dishwasher, waitress, and more. I love working with people, but after years of similar restraunt jobs and not making enough money for my expenses I needed to start looking for new alternatives.

My close friend had me using Monat for a few months and I was absolutely in love! Her knowing I needed a change because I wasn't happy with my day to day life, offered me a chance to sign up. I knew how amazing the products were, they had completely transformed my hair! So I decided what do I have to lose? She answered all my questions and hesitations because I was honestly scared at first. I never thought I'd have the privilege of working from home/wifi and building my own schedule. But I said screw it and ordered my product pack!

I didn't have any experience or knowledge about starting my own business. Rest assured she informed me, I'd not only be getting her to mentor me, but I'd also get an entire community of hard working babes to help me if I needed them! This experience has been so life changing, I never thought I'd be able to have a job I loved so much! Meeting new women and being able to introduce them to products that work and make them feel beautiful is such a dream come true for me.

Now I'm at the Point in my Business where I want to offer this opportunity to others because I've found so much success. This isn't a job, it's a gift. You can earn bonuses, fully paid for vacations, and more. I'll be Mentoring & Training new babes who are ready to invest in themselves & the freedom they want in life! If that sounds like you, dont let this gift pass by. I'd love to get to know you so we can talk more about this opportunity. ♡

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