Hey Y’all!

What kind of husky is that?!

“I’m Hakoda, and I’m an Akita!

🐾My birthday is 12/18/21 so I’m 2 years old and 103 lbs!! A Big ol bear!! I love trying to shred mom’s pillows, and steal my brother’s graham crackers. Watch me grow up with funny videos & adorable photos on my IG: @hakodatheakita 🐕

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🐾 My Favorite Things! 🐾

Always Shop Small First!!

Litto Howler walking & training gear

We love our LH leads & collars made from climbing rope!! We know they’re always safe for Hakoda, and he won’t break free from them! We love the Noctis traffic lead leash, and the martingale collar with handle!

NutriSource Dry & Canned Food

Nutrisource’s first ingredients are always animal protein! From venison, bison, wild boar and lamb to duck, trout, salmon and haddock, their recipes are formulated with gut health in mind!

Julius K9 Power Harness

The only harness capable of controlling Hakoda’s strength!! Reflective safety strip, handle, and custom velcro name tag too!!

Red Barn Natural Treats

I’m addicted to all my treats from Red Barn! They have braided bully chew sticks, collagen chews, elk antlers, bones, lung fillets, and much more! All natural and packed with nutrients!

Finn vitamins & supplements

I love my Finn supplements! I have an assortment of multivitamin, hair & coat, hip & joint, digestive probiotics, and calming treats!

Portable water bowl!

This portable water bowl is the bomb!! Just squeeze the bottle and bowl fills! Perfect for walks, outdoor fun, car rides!

Foxmoth Slip Collar

This collar is handmade and gorgeous!! Beautiful fabric & leather give a sophisticated look while being functional as a slip collar! Shop small!

Taglandia handstamped name tag

This brass name tag is so cool!! I love the intricate mountain & forest design and quality metal! It’s perfect for all the
nature lovers! Shop small!