All About Living My Best Life

Hi friend!

I’m Haley Burke, born and raised in Spokane, WA. I now live just outside of Spokane in a little town called Deer Park.

I work a normal 9-5 job everyday for a local credit union, and honestly enjoy the work I do with some pretty great people.

Outside of work, I’m also a full time dog mom to a very handsome Australian Shepherd, Knox who just turned 3! We like to take long walks or runs, and go on lots of adventures in our spare time. My caring, handyman of a boyfriend is a full time farmer on his family farm, which is also where we live. It’s beautiful and peaceful—everything I could ever dream of. Most of our date nights consist of tractor rides! We try to be outdoors as much as we can, but I’m kind of a baby in the winter time!

Traveling is a major passion of mine. I would love to go to every state in the US and try to hit every national park. South Dakota and Montana were two pretty amazing trips for 2020 that I will never forget.

My business with Monat has given me a whole extra level of confidence I didn’t know I needed, and I would love to share that with all my friends and family. The community that comes with Monat and the love and passion you feel from each and every one of your teammates and mentors is incredible. Being a “hair coach” was the best decision of my life for SO many reasons. I love love love my hair and skin, I want everyone else to love theirs too.

Love always,
Haley Burke ❤️

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