Half Off Shopper

Showcase Your Business to 10,000 Homes in Clifton on Our Gigantic Super Shopper for Just a Few Pennies Each!

How it Works...

Our MONSTER 9X12" postcard co-op mailer is delivered USPS to 10,000 homes each month in Clifton, NJ. With an average of 3 people per residence, that's 30,000 potential customers ready for your juicy offer!

Consumers love us because they receive big discounts, and businesses adore us for the inexpensive, steady traffic flow we create. A win-win!


Like Having Your Own Billboard in 10,000 Homes!

How We Maximize Your ROI...

* Our postcards are a WHOPPING 9X12", your business will not be missed!

* Unlike other advertising mediums, we only do exclusives...you'll enjoy ZERO COMPETITION!

* All offers are 100% visible to consumers...no envelopes to open or papers to sort through!

* No long-term contracts or obligations, try it for just one mailing!

* Rates as low as 2.9 cents per home!

* Response guarantee...if you're not totally satisfied, we'll run the ad again FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions...


HOS is a 9X12" postcard co-op mailer that's mailed to 10,000 homes throughout the Clifton zip code radius. Jam packed with tons of exclusive half-off deals for consumers, it also helps local businesses generate more customers, more often.

* What is a co-op mailer?

A co-op mailer is any marketing piece (in this case a postcard) that features an array of non-competing local businesses, who all invest a small amount to be included in the mailing. It's an easy, inexpensive way to get the most bang for your marketing buck, since all associated costs (design, printing, bundling, processing, postage, etc.) are shared by many, instead of you alone.

* If I run an ad with HOS, do I have to discount my goods or services by 50%?

Yes and no. Based on our vast experience, we know the offers that tend to pull the best response. It's the ones that offer SIGNIFICANT VALUE. In most cases, a $2 off special or 5% discount isn't going to cut it. If you want customers beating a path to your door, you have to do something spectacular.

We've found the half-off model (or as close as you can get) works best. A 50% discount is a HUGE motivating factor to get someone up off the couch to redeem an offer. It's an inertia buster. And here's the best part...

If your products or services are good (we hope they are!), a certain amount of the people who redeemed your offer will become reliable new customers, and return again, again, and again. So, one small ad can create patrons who are worth hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over time.

While we understand that an exact 50% discount offer isn't doable by every business, most should be able to get fairly close with some creative thinking. We'll work with you to craft the perfect deal.

* What kind of response should my business receive?

We wish we knew! Seriously, anyone that gives you a hard number written in stone to that question, run the other way. There are an enormous amount of variables involved in any marketing campaign; offer, design, repetition, neighborhood, weather, and a zillion other things that are beyond our control. However...

As a very general rule of thumb, direct mail marketing endeavors usually have a response rate of between .05% and 2%, which is actually the highest return out of most advertising channels.

* What if I don't have an ad to run?

Not to worry. We can create one for you quickly and easily for just $35.

* Will there be any competing businesses to mine on the postcard?

None whatsoever. The beauty of our unique program is that each advertiser has full exclusivity for their business type. Never more than one pizza shop per card, hair salon, Attorney, etc. This is one of the KEY aspects of why our ads beat every other marketing medium out there.

* Are spots really limited?

Absolutely. There's only so much space on a single card, and 14 to 16 listings seems to be the max. Once those spots are gone, they're gone for good unless someone drops out of our program.

* Do I have to sign a contract or run my offer in consecutive months?

Never. Try it once, a couple of times per quarter, or even for an entire year...entirely up to you. Just keep in mind however, that the best response rates are usually because of repetition.

The Photo Below Shows About 1,000 Homes...

Your Offer Will Go to TEN TIMES That Amount!

About Us

We’re a small, 3 man run company (2 of which are former Clifton residents) in Northvale NJ.

Having to adapt when Covid affected our business, we transitioned our operation into a home-based enterprise as of April 2020. Due to our lean overhead, we can pass significant savings on to you, our valued client.

Each of us (Joe, Tom & Gerard) have extensive experience in the print business, and now act as an independent print brokerage/marketing firm.

While we have several postcard mailers we put out under various names and themes (Half Off Shopper, Tasty Savings, etc.), all of our marketing endeavors fall under our corporate umbrella, Civil News.