Hi- I’m Olivia💗

& this is my story!

I was a teen mom, dropped out of school & then graduated a year before my “class”.. but that’s just the beginning!

Chaos & Growing up

At 16, in my sophomore year, I found myself pregnant with my first daughter... shortly after I dropped out of high school from the amount of bullies & decided to homeschooling & get my diploma that way! I graduated a year early & got my ass to work...

Workin’ with a Toddler

In her first year of life I barely got to spend any time with her.

If I wasn’t working one job, I was working another or looking for another job. I was stressed out, exhausted & her father wasn’t helping.... All I wanted to do was be home to raise my baby... That wasn’t in the cards for me unfortunately..

Then surprise I found out I was pregnant with #2- blessing in disguise.. After 6 months I left their father for so many reason but mainly because I knew he wasn’t going to be healthy for us & shortly after got us our own place..

Exhausted & fed up

Something had to give...

Working outside of the home was all I ever knew, I didn’t know at the time that there was ways you could solely work from home... then my eyes were opened when some girl on FB was posting about it... I thought it was just “one of those things” or “that silly pyramid scheme”.. brushed it off & didn’t look back- just kept working that 8-5, 40+ hours a week!!

2 kids. 1 parent.

I got this!

5 years...I went through the waves, struggles, heartbreaks, tribulations & trials.. I found happiness but I wasn’t truly happy.. I needed to fix me- inside- I was so damn focused on the outer layer.. I was damned if my girls were going to grow up thinking this way & feeling THIS..

So I focused on my health & mind..
Then THAT crazy girl showed up on my feed again & had earned a $10,000 bonus! What the front door?! That could’ve been me...

Taking my life back.

You’re a parent. It’s your circus. Those are your monkeys.

So I jumped... into a business that I had only heard about 2 times, tried the WRAP once but I had no flipping idea what I was getting myself into..
BUT this was put in my path for a reason so why the hell not?!

I needed the extra income, to find my sense of self again, the weight loss & the energy I could feel from the community! I had to do this for my kids as much as I needed it myself..

Taking my life back.

Healthier- Happier

A little over a year later, I’ve shed 20+ pounds, gained so much confidence back towards my body and my outlook on life.. not to mention the community & helping OTHER women and men do that same! I’m climbing the ranks, fulfilling my dreams & crushing goals-

I’m here to help you this year- yes YOU!
If you need the freedom. Want to stay home with your kids. Need to pay off their debt. need to get ahead. Need to put food on the table. Or just simply want to OWN your life & time..

Y’all, you’re not alone in this crazy world!
I’m here with you! We have an amazing community full of woman & men that are sick & tired of working their asses off & yet still falling short-