Get to know this weird squad

Sebenernya rada konyol juga sih mau di ceritain. Soalnya grup ini emang kebentuk dengan sendirinya out of no where. No one complaining.

Dulunya emg kita sering bgt ada masalah satu sama lain mulai dari smp. Dimana maria baru ketemu ken ken yg sumpa tololny minta ampun , dan maria yg masih sangat amat teramat kaku dan jutek. Sering konflik dan kayak terkesan berebutan temen ama melva. Ewh. Ga worth.

Dulu gw pikir ga mungkin bgt tu temenan ama melva, but who knows four of us ended up together. Trus pas klas 10 gw sklas ama ken ken , depi ama melva . Jadi la tuh temenan berempat .

Inget banget tu gw dulu, pas gw ken ken melva masih temenan bertiga. Si ken ken pernah nyingkirin tempat makan melva pas di kantin ,gara gara melva sering makan dikelas, marahan deh. But yauda akhirnya kita ttp temenan ber empat. Its amajing wonderful and membagongkan.

We have been through many voyages. thank God now we still stick together. Growing together , get to know each other well, become more mature. Leave all of the childish and toxic friendship.

Sebentar lagi kita mau kuliah. This is our last year of senior high, so i decide to make this funny website. Jadi gaada kenangan yang terbuang. Sekiranya kita lagi pakai halu pass card, kita bisa scan kapan aja buat baca baca lagi. (Pasti bbrp tahun kedepan ini bakal very cringy) Jadi bisa inget betapa konyolnya kita dulu, disaat we have been splited in to diffrent university. Semoga kita semua bakal sukses kedepannya dan bisa hangout lagi. Jangan lupa ya! Keep halu.

About Maria

A little things u should know about the manager of this group

This girl have the most strict parents, but still with a reasonable explanation. But however it makes her a discipline and dilligent person but very affraid to break the rules. Its a good thing tho, but sometimes it can be annoying and seems like a stiff person.

She can’t control her emotion well. She also likely to be sorta manipulative in certain moment to get what she want. Although it seems sly however that’s the law of jungle.

Her instagram account

About Devy

Telling you who this girl is

Just believe that this girl is strong outside and inside also. But sometimes overthiking make her soul weaker. Unstable mood and intonation just a part of adolesence. There’s no need to feel burdened . Just be patience, everything will be beautiful in His time.

sometimes she affected by the situation, but she knows what is right to do.

Makasih udah slalu bersukarela menemani each of ya ketika ada occasion. Slalu bersedia ngejemput, nganterin, dan nemenin, which is itu merepotkan banget.

Semoga bisa masuk PTN YA SMANGAT

About melva

The hardest person to describe

Quite, silent, peaceful, TAPI JUGA SUKA SENDAWA. GW TU GANGERTI. But its okay, she still looks elegant tho while sitting and eating than the rest of the halu members.

If i said maria is the hardest person to get out from home. Melva is the type of kindergarten kids that’s must get home before late night.

Sometimes its hard to talk with her. NO, honestly Its always been hard to talk to her. But its okay to be not okay.

She was the one that most rarely asked to go out. But she never complained tho. Just enjoying her time alone in her bedroom with her korean drama and dancing and whatever.

Have a brother name owen. That’s it.

About Kania

Jaya is her name, being annoying is her habit

Hate to say she is the leader and the unifier of this group. Even from the photo we can tell she is an obnoxious person. From a stupid kid grow into a confidence women. We must admit everyone feel happy and chill being closed to this person.

But still, she is the most MENJENGKELKAN person that you can found. Always late in any aspect, school assignment, hangout, even submiting photo like what the hell men. Why in the world she always kept doing that, with ‘washing dishes’ ‘mopping the floor’ and ‘ take a bath’ reason.

The weird part is, She is strong inside but weak outside. We all know what she have been through, but she always manage to look happy and burden-free. She is always be the one to put the blaming on. But yet she always forgot.

We wish she will always ‘jaya’ in her future life being a better person.