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Take your love everywhere you go

Hello lovelies, my name is Amber but you can also call me Ambs (: . I am 21 years old and I live on the city side of Cali. My job is now to inspire women to take a chance on themselves and to grow into the best versions of they could ever be. <3

I never saw much more in life, not knowing that there was more to growth. Now I have finally quit that miserable job and able to feel free. I craved growth and creativity but hadn’t got the chance to ever find it. I stopped basking in my own comfort level and decided to take a leap into a faith so astonishing. I found my self-worth. Most importantly my purpose.

I'm blessed to have found a tribe women who have a goal-driven mindset and will push each other to watch one another reach their goals. Being a part of an amazing community who will always show love, support and guidance can never get any better than it is. Always knowing you’re never alone on such a beautiful journey has forever been heart warming.

“No one has any business writing your story but you,” -N/A. Being afraid of growth is a mission you cannot accept. I hope to inspire women to never give themselves any doubt and take a chance on themselves to reach their true potential. There’s plenty of room for growth, it’s just takes the right minds & hearts to know their worth.

I would love to take all you beautiful souls on a life changing journey & watch you grow into who you are meant to be 🌱✨

So who’s with me? (: