My top picks

Greens Gut Shot

This combo is part of my daily routine that I have been having to improve and maintain my gut health.

Greens balance - A full serving of fruit and vegetables, antioxidants, promotes pH balance, boosts immune system.

Digestion plus - pre and probiotics and 11 digestive enzymes. Help support a healthy digestive tract!

Fizz - Natural plant based energy from green tea, guarana, and ginseng. Improves alertness, mood and endurance. Full of B vitamins and balances your blood sugar! A cheap and healthy coffee replacement!

The 30 days to Healthy Living Plan

I absolutely love this plan! The first time I completed it I lost 5kg and eliminated my uncomfortable bloat! I felt happier, slept better, had more energy and my skin cleared up! Have a chat to me about the plan and I can send you a nutritional video that explains why we do what we do!

A nutrition based plan to:

- Help eliminate bloat and correct digestive issues.
- Form health eating habits.
- Help you break the weight loss plateau.
- Kick start your health and fitness journey.
- Nutritional guidance.
- A supportive and motivated community.

What you get!

- 60 serves Vegan Protein
- 60 serves of Fizz
- 60 serves of Herbal Tea
- 30 serves of Digestion Plus
- 30 serves of Greens Balance
- 30 serves of Fibre Boost
- 7 serves of Cleanse
- Meal and Shopping recipes and guide
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