Embrace the Hustle

I’m all about spreading positivity and opportunity!

Hey you!

Are you looking for something more in life like I was? This is my story.

My main goal in life has always been work-life balance. My first step was quitting a job that I had for 11 years. Next, I started a new job that I can do from home, but it has little to no social interaction. I’m a social person, so this was a problem.

Monat has given me exactly what I was missing through group chats with my team, collaborating with others in the biz, and engaging with people on social media. I've embraced the social aspect, but this business can be what YOU want it to be.

Everybody has their reasons, but here is the rest of WHY I jumped in:

▪️ Flexibility - Being able to make my own hours, and work this business from my phone!
▪️ No risk - I already wanted to upgrade my products, and there was NO pressure to sell.
▪️ Aligned with my interests - I originally went to school to become a hairstylist!

Most people don't understand that they are already doing what this business requires. You are always socially selling whether it is in person, or online. People ask me all the time where I got something, whether it be an article of clothing, furniture, or kitchen gadget. I'm happy to recommend things, and love it even more if someone likes it enough to go and buy it. With this business we are all getting compensated to share a product that we use and LOVE!

So what does this mean for you? This means that I am offering you the opportunity to upgrade your life by doing what you already do. Washing your hair and spending time on social media! Everyone washes their hair, and you can promote products that can actually help people with some issues that they're having. How awesome and rewarding is that?!

This business will give you the opportunity to become more independent, use your creativity, and get outside of your comfort zone! All while having myself, and a massive community of people who uplift, motivate, and push you towards whatever goals you set for yourself. It's time to use social media with purpose & start getting paid for it!

If this all sounds like exactly what you've been looking for, fill out the application to join my team!

What do you have to lose??

Hana xo