Aloha, I’m Hana

I look forward to connecting with you! Let me introduce myself ..

I am happily married to, and still madly in love with, my high school sweetheart. Together we have eight beautiful children; our oldest is married and has given us our first grand baby. GLORY!! I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus, and love love love sharing stories of what He has done in and through my life! In the last 10 years, I’ve experienced a leader shift from being a “manager” to becoming a Business Leader, Coach, mentor and business owner. This experience has been a game changer!

I love traveling with my family! We enjoy annual vacations to San Diego but our all time favorite destination is Hawaii to visit with family. I’ve served 20+ years in corporate America however I’m excited about building a global e-commerce business with social marketing! I’m asked quite often,” How do you do it?” My response, “It has everything to do with WHY I am doing it.” I needed to clean up my diet. I was experiencing indigestion, stomach issues and inflammation. I did not have a set work schedule and often times made poor meal choices as a result of that. My family is very important to me. It’s difficult to have a relationship with your husband and kids when you’re not present due to 10-12 hour work days. I’ve missed enough school and sport events, field trips, family dinners, and the guilt finally caught up with two kids in college and another on his way.

Someone took a chance on me and helped to cast a vision for my family. I’m no longer the girl on the sideline watching others live their best life. I’ve joined a community of women that have blazed a trail for those willing to follow and make a difference. My passion is connecting with people and my purpose is to make a difference. There are thousands of ways to pay your bills, but not too many that will allow you to make an income while being present with your family. I want to empower you to chase your health, God-given dreams, remind you that you were created with a purpose and YOU were born to flourish!

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