About Reloved Bar & Providence Bedtime Story

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Reloved Bar started as an online preloved shop that has expanded by bringing in new clothing.


Providence started as an offline venture to bring beauty products for the beauty lovers in their small town and hope to bring more in the future.


Learning to care the skin

Taking care of our skin feels like taking care of our health. We feel that pampering our skin with their needs after long hours of makeup is vital.
After we started applying skincare routine, it has help improve the condition of our skin a lot.
Hence, we hope to bring the convenience to the people around us so they don’t have to travel for hours and wait for months only to get the beauty product they want on the existing beauty market.

Reloved Bar

It is Our First Love To Yours, It is Also Brand New

Our First Love To Yours.
Shop with purpose in our closet.
We could help with the environment indirectly through waste reduction by shopping in someone closet. Don’t worry, we clean our clothing and apparel throughly before post them to you ❤️✈️.

We also prepare brand new clothing and apparel just for you to choose on your special occasion because we know that many of us want a cute outfit to wear on that special occasion 😚😍.

Our Bestselling🍷

You are Rare, Flaunt Your Unique Style

Our top recommendation for you to look at Reloved Bar. We believe everyone deserve a chance to look their best in the way they choose to present themselves ✨. Amazing.

Crop Top #1

We sold all of our preloved and brand new crop top collection within 3 hours.

Patterned Dresses #2

They adore classic style so much that they had to dm us for more. We called them the elegant and classic lady.

Puff Dresses 3#

Pair this with your favorite sunglasses 🕶 and you’re set. The ladies pick this for their holiday outfit 🌴 , the girls pick this for their date 🍷 and the bride pick this for their bridesmaids 🌸.

Top 4#

Casual outfit perfect for daily wear for various occasions.

Off Shoulder 5#

Who said you can’t look decent with off shoulder? They said they can and we agree on it 🍻🤩