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Haneef R Jordan

I've been on this incredible journey of allowing GOD to show me the way. Self Love & Self Accountability. Becoming a better WOMAN, WIFE & MOM . I am now all about uplifting the family unit with God leading the way. You'll know by my fruits, test the spirit and see. God is always the way. - H

Everything I went through has birth a ministry that has now become my families non-profit organization. Click the link below to learn about it. Follow us on Instagram @thestylishmomager for updates on events, books and some freebies. You'll be glad you did.

We’re also on Clubhouse we look forward to connecting with you there. Look for (The Stylish Momager) & Join the club.

I work daily to allow God to lead me. Being a wife of 21 years & mother of two young men. Isn’t always easy. Yet, God is good all the time. Even when we can’t recognize it. Just look at your life. There is always something to be thankful for. - H

My Top Picks for Smile Style & Spirit ®️

" We Smile In Style as We Walk in Spirit" ™️

Smile Style & Spirit ®️

This company was birth out of a need. I couldn't find anything to help my family with dry skin or eczema. Nothing worked in stores or prescription. So I researched for a few years. And bam! Body Butters was the blessing. No more issues with skin so I took it a step further.
I took classes and now we have our skincare line. Below are the top picks.

My Worship Playlist

Listen & be blessed

We all need to be encouraged & sometimes that may be daily. So I decided to share my amazing
Worship Playlist.


Gods Got it by J Moss

Battle Ready Prayer

The blessings

Take me to the King

No weapons

Great is his mercy

Open my heart 💜

Gift of forgiveness

Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds

My YouTube Channel

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Each event was given to me by God
(ie: name, location, topic & speakers) completely guided by the Holy Spirit down to every detail . It was powerful take a listen below 👇🏿

Due to covid I had to pivot on events and we are now making sure the next ones are more Intimate just the way God instructed me to do.


Spirit Check ✔ 2018

Wisdom Talk 2017