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hey y’all! i’m hannah, a 21 year old student, gym rat, coffee addict, and entrepreneur! i am starting this new journey because i have a passion for helping people (i’m a nursing student btw) especially when it comes to their health and well-being.

i believe everyone deserves to feel happy, healthy, and confident in their own skin (and hair, body, and mind). i promote all sorts of self care; from clean eating, fitness, taking care of your physical body, and, of course, being gentle on your mind.

so what’s stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself? reach out to me today and let’s take this first step together.



Wash Intructions

hey! so glad you decided to take the step to completely transform your hair! here are the intructions to get the best results from your products:


Step 1: Make sure your hair is super wet before applying product. You’re going to wash twice. The first time is to remove any dirt and grime, and the second time is to truly cleanses. Take a quarter size of shampoo. Rub your hands together first until they are white and then scrub into your scalp and hair. It will not suds so don’t be alarmed. Rinse really well.

Step 2: Repeat, but let it sit in your hair for a minute or two. It’ll suds a lot more this time. Then rinse really well. Don’t be weirded out if it doesn’t lather as much as your normal shampoo. Takes some getting used to!

Step 3: In between shampoo and conditioner you’ll apply the masque. Gently ring the water out of your hair the best you can and apply the masque from the ears down. I recommend letting it sit for about 5 minutes, but the longer the better! Then you’ll rinse it out. (You can also use this masque for about 20-30 minutes on dry hair before you go to take a shower and rinse before shampooing)

Step 4: Gently ring the water out of your hair and condition your hair like normal. Apply the product from your ears down. Leave it in for up to five minutes, then rinse. When you think you’ve rinsed good enough, just rinse one more time to be sure!

Step 5: Apply any post shower products. Read instructions on product label and follow carefully.

Step 6: Style as you’d like.

Step 7: Admire yourself in the mirror and walk away feeling confident and fresh with your healthy, beautiful hair!


You may always turn to the instructions on the individual product for more information as well. It is key that you use these products correctly in order to see maximum results. If you have any questions or concern reach out to me!